Killswitch Engage (__thrasher) wrote in antiemo,
Killswitch Engage

I hate DASH

I have to listen to them evry fucking day at work, for 6 hours... And every one sings along in the kitchen, Its fucking lame. But it gets worse... its the unpluged cd, so there is all the little emo kids singing along too... I want to die, some one give me some advise
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You say it's a kitchen.. perhaps there is a very long and sharp knife available to you??

Oh god, c'mon guys, Dashboard? Seriously, make a compromise or something. I mean you guys have to be able to agree on something where you can both be happy? Dashboard is extreme emo & should not, under any circumstances, be tolerated.

Ew... and they sing along... jesus christ...
bring in some Slayer and pump that shit up their ass!
lol.. im not much of a Slayer fan but I'll say pump some KING DIAMOND up their ass! :)