elindros11 (elindros11) wrote in antiemo,

so what does everyone LIKE?

ok so we know that we all hate emo.. but what does everyone LIKE here?

I like parts of a lot of different kinds- blues-rock, classic rock, prog.rock, some metal, instrumental rock guitar, fusion, ambient,, and classical a wee bit

I'm not into punk, hardcore, or indie... i dunno, just doesnt attract me
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I listen to mostly metal and metalcore. My favorite band in the world is Chimaira. I guess I'm wide range though, and I can listen to a lot of shit. Sometimes I listen to rap and pop (I love Britney Spears). I guess I'm a weird girl. Metal fucking reigns supreme though.
Britney AND metal??? what??? lol...

ehh thats fine if u like Chimaira but im just turned off by "metal-core".. anything like Chimaira, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, etc.. gets repetitive to me
Understandable. Metalcore is not for everyone.
what other metal do you like that isnt metalcore? i mostly like good melodic stuff like Nevermore or Evergrey.. and some old-school thrash like Testament, some prog metal(Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, Devin Townsend), some melodic death(old In Flames, Children of Bodom), some but very little black metal(Dissection and Ulver are really the only ones I like), and some doom metal,, i havent heard a whole lot(Candlemass, Cathedral)...

basically im open to any kind except "power" metal.. u know,, bands with the real cheesy covers that look like it came from an RPG game or a Magic: The Gathering card, and have real cheesy lyrics about wizards & castles & dragons
(ie: Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Stratovarious, Dragonforce, Kamelot,, any band like that)

I listen to a lot of things. Bands range from Chimaira, Soilwork, Slipknot, Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Testament <333, Metallica, Pantera <33333, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, Callenish Circle, Norma Jean, Andrew WK, Thrice...It's really a bunch of everything.
ahh the all mighty Testament!!! >:)

some of the metal I like:

Evergrey, Nevermore, some Opeth(not a big fan,, they get kind of boring after a while,, but they have some good stuff), some old Iced Earth(first 2 albums and Something Wicked This Way Comes), old In Flames(dont even get me started with that "Reroute to Remain" shit), Nightwish, Helloween, Winters Bane, some Children of Bodom(not a huge fan but I like them), Death(im not big on death metal but Richard Christy is such a killer drummer i cant resist), Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad, some Fates Warning(also.. like, but not crazy about), Crimson Glory, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, some Cathedral(same as COB & FW), Dissection(the only black metal band I really like, next to Ulver)

lol,, far from hope,, i just cant stop laughing at that banana :D
dang I havnt heard of one.........I don't get how i miss so much lol
What exactly is indie, I had a big rant about this before in my journal and I personally think it does not make any sense what-so-ever as a music title. I can understand an "indie movie" but not indie music. Enlighten me, please someone.
well im not really into it but um,, from what i know,, i think "indie" rock is sort of like punk/new wave,, but sort of not as hard.. like "alternative-punk"...

lol, love your dancing banana!
I mainly listen to punk (stuff like gg allin, the unseen, the virus, stiff little fingers, subhumans, dead kennedys, leftover crack); 60's rock, glam rock, garage rock (ny dolls, the who, standells, the sonics, the seeds, 13th floor elevators); hardcore, real hardcore, not the metal bullshit such as Give Up The Ghost and Converge; and classical (mainly Bach, Stravinsky, Verdi, and Vivaldi).
well i guess real hardcore is tolerable.. im not into it but id rather take Sick of It All or Madball over any of these bands like Avenged Sevenfold/From Autumn to Ashes/Atreyu/etc... with their stupid lyrics like "I'll cut my heart out to stare into your eyes"-they try to sound all hard & not sappy,, but they're all really just as whiny as emo,, except harder
hell I like a lot of those bands, but the best out of all of those would have to be Stiff Little Fingers, gotta love the, ;D

But none of this matters, because EVERYONE knows that THE CURE is the best band in the history of music, in the past and for music to come all over the world. Lets face it, Brits rock hard, and they do it pretty damn good!!
damn right Brits rock hard (MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!)

im not much of a Cure fan,, they're allright, im not into Goth-rock.. still gotta give Robert Smith credit for beating Barbra Streisand on South Park :)

bands i <3
[X]Guns N roses
[X]Led Zeppelin
[X]Black Sabbath
[X]Nine Inch Nails
[X]Velvet Revolver
[X]The Doors
[X]Stone Temple Pilots
[X]Alice Cooper
[X]David Bowie
[X]Alice In Chains
[X]Deep Purple

Sorry if the Xs annoyed you haha
By the way I'm isabel

oMgZ i 4g0t 2 mEnTiOn DaShBoArD cOnFeSsIoNaL aNd FiNtCh CaUsE dEy Ar3 tEh ShIt!!!!!!111ONEONEONE!!!!!11111

oMgZ iTZ lyKe t0tally fiNe but y0u f0rg0t my baNd!?!!?????111111111111ONEONEONE!!!!!!!1111111111
1M zO sOrRy!!!!!!!11111111oneoneone

Im DePrEzZEd NoW iM gOnNa LiStEn 2 yElLoWkaRd!! k?!!!111111111

tTyL sMoOcHaYz
~DePrEzZeD eMo KiD~
ahh yes another Motorhead lover... damnit their US tour got cancelled... i had a ticket to see them October 2nd.. Lemmy hurt his foot... FUUUUCK >:(
im listening to motorhead right now =D
im so sorry *kisses cds and posters*
its gonna be ok
No it's not.
ahhhh i know it isnt gonna be okay!
metallica, godsmack, velvet revolver, stp, slipknot, alterbridge, creed, a perfect circle, chevelle, saliva......i could go on forever but i'll stop cuz I seem to be almost the only one that listens to this stuff......I've never even heard of most stuff you guys mentioned....maybe I should look into it