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Hello non-emo people, I suppose this is an ‘introductory post’ but I would like to touch on something in particular:

I happen to be a teenager, and I admit to having angst… but I fail to see why anyone has to force themselves into an asinine cliché just because they got dumped once or regnew the reason happens to be. It's simply foolish to get utterly depressed for a miniature reason. Emo is indeed probably my ‘least favorite cliché’ due to it seems to be predominating at the moment. However, and I’ll admit I joined this while wishing to start a bit of debate on the matter; are ‘punk’ and ‘goth’ clichés no different? I’ve seen grand hordes of these ‘medieval buildings’ doing actions quite relevant to those of emos. After all, I've heard that emos are just those who refused to wear all black. [Making a stereotype out of clothes, how splendid is that?]

Take, per example, someone who considers themselves punk and, because they wish to be the such, force themselves to become more enraged at the government when, prior to that, their loathing of capitalism wasn't anywhere near that intense. It's still taking an emotion typically dubbed 'negative' and escalating it.

Thus, I suppose instead of being anti-emo; I'm anti-stereotypes.
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