Choodessny Gromky Koshka (dangerofcults) wrote in antiemo,
Choodessny Gromky Koshka

Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae is beautiful

Fed up with turgid emo ratings communities and post-post-post-post wank-rock and scenesters (in general) and shitty musical trends that last three days before getting promptly forgotten about? (or even worse, they get re-encarnated as being post-shittymadeupgenre)

Then join 'Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae is beautiful'.

Not only do we promise the latest news on the ever-expanding Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae scene, but we'll also cuss emo kids, generally mock other communities, laugh at elitist scenesters and tell shit jokes, all whilst casually smirking about the immense superiority of Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae to all other genres (excepting Congolese acid house and Nepalese avant-garde minimalist power metal, of course, we fucking love them).

You'll join if you know what's good for you.

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