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antiemo's Journal

Logically Sane
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emo has become a disease that is engulfing the younger generations of today popularizing emotions with it's mind numbing whining and incesant wailing of heartbreak and lost love. with it's recent break into the mainstream, it continues to devoure siblings and friends imprinting into their minds false insecurities, self inflicted loathing and so far as to cause the most serious cases of depression.

it eats away at you picking you apart piece by piece. you begin to feel that emotions are everything but you'll only be let down for one reason or another. you center your world around emotions and then you try to build a wall protecting them from whomever would dare try to destroy them and bring you dow but you bring down yourself.

i for one refuse to see another fucking emo kid cry because she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her. i'm tired of losing friends to this hellish cancer eating away at my generation. for whatever reason it may be, punks, goths, skaters and even preps are falling into this shithole. what would posess these poor fuckers to disown who they are, what they do and what they listen to for this pathetic and sickening genre of music is beyond me but i hate it.

this community is for anyone who feels the same or feels the slightest bit of tension between them and emo. emotions can only go so far, don't take them out of context.

this community will maintain a decent atmosphere and opinions shall be respected. anonymous posts are prohibited but feel free to speak of anything you want.

- dejekt