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Logically Sane's Journal

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5th June 2005

dejekt10:36pm: I die a little on the inside everytime I saw that scrolling message.

1st June 2005

whiny_emo_kid10:09pm: what the fuck is this shit
you fuckers need to die emo music rocks, emo kids are awesome and i swear me and chester bennington will kick the ass of whatever dumbass created this piece of shit community

kiss my ass fuckers
Current Mood: pissed off

1st May 2005

warxinxmyxhead4:54pm: Mwuhahaha
Download this song

"Fuck Emo" by Cheap Sex
Current Mood: amused

24th March 2005

darkest_dance11:53am: I came across this community and though I would donate this icon I made, to you, since you don't have one. You don't have to use it if you don't want. But it is funny as hell. Image hosted by Photobucket.com Enjoy!

13th March 2005

dangerofcults5:19pm: Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae is beautiful

Fed up with turgid emo ratings communities and post-post-post-post wank-rock and scenesters (in general) and shitty musical trends that last three days before getting promptly forgotten about? (or even worse, they get re-encarnated as being post-shittymadeupgenre)

Then join 'Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae is beautiful'.

Not only do we promise the latest news on the ever-expanding Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae scene, but we'll also cuss emo kids, generally mock other communities, laugh at elitist scenesters and tell shit jokes, all whilst casually smirking about the immense superiority of Lebanese industrial proto doom reggae to all other genres (excepting Congolese acid house and Nepalese avant-garde minimalist power metal, of course, we fucking love them).

You'll join if you know what's good for you.


27th February 2005

acetylenearson7:41pm: Khrm
Hello non-emo people, I suppose this is an ‘introductory post’ but I would like to touch on something in particular:

I happen to be a teenager, and I admit to having angst… but I fail to see why anyone has to force themselves into an asinine cliché just because they got dumped once or regnew the reason happens to be. It's simply foolish to get utterly depressed for a miniature reason. Emo is indeed probably my ‘least favorite cliché’ due to it seems to be predominating at the moment. However, and I’ll admit I joined this while wishing to start a bit of debate on the matter; are ‘punk’ and ‘goth’ clichés no different? I’ve seen grand hordes of these ‘medieval buildings’ doing actions quite relevant to those of emos. After all, I've heard that emos are just those who refused to wear all black. [Making a stereotype out of clothes, how splendid is that?]

Take, per example, someone who considers themselves punk and, because they wish to be the such, force themselves to become more enraged at the government when, prior to that, their loathing of capitalism wasn't anywhere near that intense. It's still taking an emotion typically dubbed 'negative' and escalating it.

Thus, I suppose instead of being anti-emo; I'm anti-stereotypes.

23rd February 2005


Teenagers (don't get me wrong, I am one) feeling as angsty as possible...why would anyone like it? I really do not understand. "They really hate me, my parents, they just don't understand, they'll never understand, <i>no one</i> will ever understand!"...Followed by a long sobbing session in a dark room (with the door open, so everyone else can hear their 'pain.' They sit around, crying, looking for reasons as to why they are crying...excuses. It really sickens me.

The sad part is, that is really what it is like. When they aren't 'alone' thinking 'morbid thoughts' they are congegrated...trying to shock anyone who looks. The problem is, they can't shock a soul. We have become de-sensetized. How could we be shocked by "emotional" people in large groups with the same hair, eyeliner, pants, and sob story?

If they had real problems, they either wouldn't broadcast them. Simple.

21st February 2005

videngineer1:12pm: Ok so I just joined this community about 30 seconds ago, becuase I'm trying to gain some insight. I have considered myself a philosopher and a thinker for a couple of years now, trying to figure out the ways and means of life, and this concept of emo just baffles me. I have some friends who are emo, weather they openly admit it or not, or if they take the term - but I'm trying to unravel the roots of emo. I have tried some google searches and things looking for any phsychologists or professors that have written anything about it, and have found information on only the roots of the musical aspect of emo. I'm trying to figure out for myself more than anything else where this came from, the history, the lifestyle etc. As far as the internet is concerned emo is a musical genre only, but we all know that it goes way beyond that. So anyone who has any thoughts on the origination of emo [as a way of life], info on its roots, knows anyone who has thoughts on it please reply. Thanks for your help L8R~Levi.
Current Mood: interested

24th January 2005

journeystar4:32pm: A Plea to all Bostonians
I am from Boston and over the past year or so, emo kids have begun to infiltrate every corner of the city. Their lair is Burrito Max on Beacon Street where, during all hours of operation, they can be seen swarming and congregating. Though they have conquered this restaurant, we will not let them overrun the new Qdoba resturant on Comm. Ave. next to the Paradise Rock Club. If you hate emo kids and poseurs, please join jimmystagger and I in making sure that there is at least one faux Mexican food restaurant in Boston that is emo-free.

Current Mood: curious

3rd January 2005

risetofade6:30am: boys of weymouth highschool:

emo is a NOT underground

and you are NOT conor oberst

despite the stupid hair and female pants you are wearing

26th December 2004

megalomania8412:41am: hi im new here and i joined because not only do emo people highly amuse me but they piss me off hardcore. so yeah. feel free to add me and i'll add you back.

5th November 2004

snowball_matt4:34pm: well I joined awhile ago but I haven't posted anything so I will now. emo sucks, but not as much as the scene does. a lot of them are bunch of whiney kids that think that everyone hates them and the world is out to get them and nothing is ever going to be fine, even though they have comfortable lives. they cry. they wear womens pants. they cry. they cry. they cry. they drink herbal tea out of enviormentally safe cups. they cry. they go to there god-awful shows. and then they cry. what's more, a vast majority of these emo kids are just posers, just going with the latest trend because its popular or for whatever other reason. it's a contradiction. so many emo kids tell me emo is about being against corporate labels and being yourself. how are you being yourself when you're just following a trend? what's more, there are tons of emo bands signed to major labels. I'm from boston where there's a pretty big punk and ska scene, and more and more that scene is losing peopld to the trendy emo kids. so take your fucking box-framed glasses and shove them

11th September 2004

likeasuicide5:09pm: I just joined, and I hate emo kids, which would explain why I joined, clearly.

I tend to like alot of various music styles, at the moment my favorite type is classic rock. I hope emo kids get so sad that one they that they die in their sleep from having such sad and stupid pointless annoying thoughts.

Before anyone brings this up, my username is a reference to a GN'R cd.

6th September 2004

elindros115:29pm: so what does everyone LIKE?
ok so we know that we all hate emo.. but what does everyone LIKE here?

I like parts of a lot of different kinds- blues-rock, classic rock, prog.rock, some metal, instrumental rock guitar, fusion, ambient,, and classical a wee bit

I'm not into punk, hardcore, or indie... i dunno, just doesnt attract me

31st August 2004

elindros1112:48pm: i just joined
Emo is the WORST MUSIC EVER!!!!! I'd rather listen to 'Who Let the Dogs Out' or 'Mambo No 5' than some shitty band like Finch, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, or Count the Stars!!!!!

Fuckin whiny pussies,, are you just gonna sit in your room & cry off your mascara your whole life,, or are you going to get over your problems & get out & be happy?


26th August 2004

adrenalinerush011:59pm: OK, no taunting because I am very, very ashamed.

I haven't told my boyfriend, my friends, or even my family.

I bought the Postal Service CD. *cringe*

I am so ashamed of myself. I'm going to remove myself from this community because I can no longer be considered "anti-emo" now that I have that CD.

I've succomb to the dark side. Don't let them get you, too.
Current Mood: ashamed

23rd August 2004

__thrasher11:36pm: I hate DASH
I have to listen to them evry fucking day at work, for 6 hours... And every one sings along in the kitchen, Its fucking lame. But it gets worse... its the unpluged cd, so there is all the little emo kids singing along too... I want to die, some one give me some advise

9th August 2004


Can someone PLEASE tell me what is the deal with 'punks and emo' kids wearing SWEATBANDS?

I just don't get it. I think it is the stupidest idea ever.

Do they like use the sweatband to cover over their 'emo cuts' and shit?

5th August 2004

mrzogg967:41pm: Hey i made this community a while ago, but it sort of died. I wanted to start back up again
all of you should join my community, the more emo hating groups we have, the more we can destroy emo

24th July 2004

bardia2:02pm: The thing about emo kids is you know they're all heroin are coke addicts, and you'll never catch them with less then $200 jeans on.
dina_bob12:16am: Bitchin'
The only good emo kid is the dead emo kid :)

And the only thing that sucks as much as emo is Jesus. Jesus was a bipolar scumbag. Emo kids are bipolar scumbags. Jesus was hot though...

Sorry, I'm kinda high at the moment.
Current Mood: high

13th July 2004

adrenalinerush012:18am: How emo are YOU??!
punk or indie
you are either a "punk" or an "indie
snob"! why don't you go start a shit-core
band or listen to some pavement!

*how emo are you?*
brought to you by Quizilla Wow who made this fucking quiz? Oh well... amusing.
Current Mood: amused

11th July 2004

roadkillpuppies5:15am: http://emosux.ytmnd.com/ God I love that site.
Current Mood: amused
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